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The Imperial Palace Walking Tour with Tokyo City Guide Club


  • Day : from AM 09:00 to PM 12:00
  • Fee : JPY 1,000 (Tax included)
We are happy to invite you to our walking tour 
planned on one of the dates you will be at Sakura House/Hotel/Hostel. 

The Imperial Palace Walking Tour 
with Tokyo City Guide Club

The Imperial Palace has one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens 
in Tokyo. Experienced tour guides will show you all the details 
of Imperial palace history together! 
Enjoy the refreshing air of spring in Japan with a walk 
through the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. 

■Date: June 27th(THU)
■Time&Place: Meet up at 9AM @Sakura Hotel&Café Jimbocho 
※We will ask the payment on the day at the reception. 

■9AM: Meet up and have a breakfast together at Sakura Café Jimbocho. 
*Breakfast is a buffet style such as toasts/soup/coffee, tea/ juice/scrambled eggs. 
■10AM: Head to the tour on foot. 
*You can skip the breakfast and come at 10AM but the participation fee is the same. 
■Around 12PM: Finish the tour and break up there 

Please send an e-mail to with the following details to sign up. 
【Necessary Information to Register 】 
1.Names (All the participants) 
2.Sakura House Name & Room# / Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name & Check-in Date 
3.Telephone Number (if any in Japan) 
4. Nationality/Gender 
(*This event is exclusively for Sakura House & Hotel's customers.) 

Book now to join this fun event!!! 

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 0332613939

  • Day : from PM 03:30 to PM 05:00
  • Fee : JPY 2,500 (Tax included)
Experience Japanese Tea Ceremony
in the REAL Tea Room with a Tea Master!

Tea ceremony will be served in the way of "Hayami-ryu."
"Hayami-ryu" is one of the school of tea ceremony that was originated by a famous tea master, Sotatsu Hayami in Kyoto over 200 years ago.

Small lecture of Japanese culture will be held before the ceremony.
You will be served Japanese green tea called, "Matcha" with Japanese traditional sweets! 

[Date] June 27th (Thursday)
[Meeting time & place] 
3:30 P.M. at Toritsudaigaku Station (Tokyu-Toyoko Line)
(At the ticket gate (only one))

We will meet at the station and walk for about 10 min. to the Tea Room together.
The event will end at around 5:00 P.M.
[Fee] 2500 yen

[Registration] BOOK TODAY!
Please reply to this e-mail with the following information:

 - Request for attending the "Tea Ceremony"
 - Your Name 

Let's experience and learn more about Japanese Tea Ceremony and its history!
We look forward to seeing you on June 27th!

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 03-5330-5250

The Imperial Palace Group Run


Let's run together with a beautiful night around the Imperial Place, 
and meet new people and have a great time!! You can also enjoy beautiful Sakura view!!!!

*This is an event connecting all guests and Japanese Joggers together by jogging around the Imperial Palace.  Also you will be able to explore this wonderful historical place during the jog! And having meal after the run to get to know each other! Join us and make friends with local ppl here!

■Date: June 27th(Thu)
■Starting time:  7:15PM ~ 
■Place: Sakura Cafe Jimbocho
※reservation is required 
■Fee:1,000 yen for residents of Sakura Hotel &House residence!!
 the fee includes
-a meal and 1 drink
-Shower (a bath towel and a hair dryer included)

It is also great chance to meet local people!
We're waiting for your entry!!!

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 0332613939

Japanese Tea Ceremony&Kawagoe Tour Guided by Kawagoe Goodwill Ambassador


  • Day : from AM 10:00 to PM 01:00
  • Fee : JPY 1,200 (Tax included)
Kawagoe is a city located in Saitama prefecture which is neighborhood of Tokyo.
The city retains an ambiance reminiscent of an old town from the Edo Period (1603-1867)!!!
We have an English speaking guide 'ARIYA' who is Kawagoe Goodwill Ambassador!!!!!
A master of sadō is going to give you lessons on basic manners of Japanese tea ceremony at Tantoku Gerden.
Afterwards we are going to show you around the old town atmosphere street called Ichibangai.

Date: June 28th (Fri)
Meeting Time and Point: 9:50 AM at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
Fee: 1,200 yen (Fee of the tea ceremony charge)
※transportation cost excluded ( 470 yen / one way)
Only if you need……Tobu Railway and bus all-access pass available for 1,000 yen.
The event is only for Sakura Hotel guests & Sakura House residents.

10:00 Leaving Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
10:40 Get into Kawagoe-shi Station
11:00 Lessons on basic manners of Japanese Tea Ceremony at Tantoku Gerden
12:00 Walking Tour on Ichibangai Street
13:00 Break Up (Stay in Kawagoe or Back to Ikebukuro Station)

[How to sign up]
Email back to us with the following information ----→
1. Names 
2. Check-in Date
3. Telephone Number 

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 03-3971-2237

Let's dye your own Aizome


  • Day : from PM 03:00 to PM 05:00
  • Fee : JPY 2,000 (Tax included)

Aizome Event

On June 30th , we'll hold  " Let's dye your own Aizome! ".

What’s Aizome?
Aizome (indigo dyeing) is deep blue color dyeing tradition that is highly appreciated in Japan & foreign countries. In the past and until now, It has been treasured by Japanese people , and it is now used for modern clothing like scarfs and jeans.

On this event, let's dye handkerchief , T-shirts , tote bag , etc.. anything you want!

Choose between different types of canvas from Hankerchief, tote bag and t-shirts! You can get to design your own hand made product. Professional teacher will guide you!
Bring home your ONE and ONLY handmade gift from japan!!!

It will be very unique experience for you!!

**Check the details and sign up now! **
Date: 30th June. 2019, Sunday
Meeting Time: 14:30
Fee : 2,000Yen ~ (*depends on the type of canvas)
*Transportation fee is not included.

【To Sign up】
Please send an email to with:
1. Names (All the participants)
2. Sakura House Name & Room # / Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name & Check-in Date
3. Telephone Number (if any in Japan) or email address

We look forward to seeing you all in this event !

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 03-3469-5211

Tanabata festival


  • Day : from PM 03:00 to PM 04:00
  • Fee : JPY 500 (Tax included)

On July 7th , we'll hold Experience Romantic Japanese Star Festival "Tanabata".


What’s Tanabata?

Tanabata festival is the Japanese traditional event in July and it related to the stars. It is based on the legend that only once a year, Hikoboshi and Orihime, two lovers, would be allowed to meet each other at the shores of the Milky Way, heavenly river. The moment would take place on the night of July 7th.

And we believe if we write a wish on the strip of paper and display it on bamboo on July 7th, a wish will be true.

Let's celebrate this romantic festival together.

1. You will enjoy pic-story show about Tanabata.

2. You can make your own Sasakazari.

3. You can write your dreams on paper and display it. We will help you to write your dream in Japanese.

4. You can take your own Sasakazari for your good memory and souvenir.


**Check the details and sign up now! (Up to 8 people) **

Date: 7th July. 2019, Sunday

Time: 15:00-1600

Place: Sakura Hotel Hatagaya Cafe area *URL

Fee : 500 Yen (*Incl.  coffee or tea.)


To Sign up

Please send an email to with:

1. Names (All the participants)

2. Sakura House Name & Room # / Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name & Check-in Date

3. Telephone Number (if any in Japan) or email address


We look forward to seeing you all in this event !

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 0334695211

[ASAKUSA] Yukata Dressing Experience & Temaki Sushi Lunch (*Guests & Residents Only / 宿泊者限定)


  • Day : from AM 09:20 to PM 01:00
  • Fee : JPY 500 (Tax included)
We are going to collaborate with Tokyo City Guide Club on July 14th!

In this event, experts of kimono dressing from the club will dress you in Japanese beautiful yukata (Summer kimono).
For all those who is visiting Japan in Summer, to dress yukata must be one of their dreams to come true in Japan.

And after dressing yukata, we are going to have a lunch of Temaki Sushi at Sakura Hostel.
You can make your own hand-rolled sushi :) 

So the event should be very fun :) Join us!!!

July 14 (Sun), 2019

-Meeting Time & Place-
9:20AM @ Sakura Hostel Asakusa [map]

500 YEN (Lunch Included)

-What to bring-
T-shirts (bright color, a white one would be perfect!)
Beach sandals.

To sign up for the event, send us an e-mail to with the following info.

1. Name
2. Sakura House Name / Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name & Check-in Date
4. Phone Number (If you have any in Japan)
5. Food Request (ex. I'm muslim / vegetarian / allergic to XXX.)

* This event is ONLY for SAKURA HOUSE Residents or SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL's Guests.
* このイベントはサクラハウス居住者およびサクラホテル&ホステル宿泊者のみを対象としております。

Attending this event

E-mail :

TEL : 03-3847-8111


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